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Rosan Business Services provide exceptional project management and business systems analysis experience deploying and maintaining software technology and providing cost effective business solutions. We are results oriented and motivated professionals, with strong work ethic, who successfully interacts with management, customers, end-users and IT professionals to add shareholder value. Our organization is skilled at completing projects at or under budget utilizing software such as Microsoft Project, Capital Value Management Process (CVP) and structured methodologies such as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC - Software), Rational Unified Processing (RUP) and Rational Software.
Our Consultants have a wealth of knowledge in the arena of Educational Services, Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, Mortgage Loan Industry, Energy - Oil and Gas Industry (Galahad Inventory/Scheduling System, SolArc RightAngle Trade Management System, etc.), Engineering and Construction, Human Resources Systems and Global Data Systems. In addition, our expertise encompass quality assurance testing, reporting writing tools, project methodologies, desktop publishing, web development, accounting, training and development, technical writing, developing training manuals, procedures, and processes and customer support. Our Consultants demonstrate excellent organization, verbal and written communication skills as well as outstanding quantitative and analytical skills.

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